Shows the process of creating the dragons for Game of thrones. Video

Показан процесс создания драконов для Игры престолов. Видео

On the creation of mythological creatures worked with a team of 40 people.

Studio Pixomondo, which develops visual effects for a series Game of thrones showed how you created the Dragons. The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the company, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

The video shows the creation of dragons from the beginning. It is evident that the developers first create the skeleton, and then gradually increase it muscle, skin and scales.

The team on the creation of the dragons worked up to 40 professionals. They had to study the structure of birds, as dragons dragons need to be realistic and just fly.

The movie is accompanied by the music of Ramin Javadi, who wrote the famous theme music for Game of thrones.


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