“Showtime” at Duceppe: entertain or die

“Showtime” at Duceppe: entertain or die


For its first production at Duceppe, the Bocal Project wants to do things big with the play Showtime.< /strong>

This collective made up of Raphaëlle Lalande, Simon Lacroix and Sonia Cordeau had carte blanche to put on a show in its image: full of creativity, humor and abundance. 

“The only constraint that 'we had was to have a linear story that goes from A to Z, explains Raphaëlle Lalande in an interview. Normally, we work more in the form of a table, which better corresponds to our exploded style. It was a little more difficult to create.”

Sonia Cordeau

Staging yourself

The trio not only wrote this show, but they also direct it in addition to performing on stage with Éric Bernier, Jean-Marc Dalphond, Natacha Filiatrault, Dominique Leduc, Étienne Lou, Alexia Martel and Olivier Rousseau. .

The three creators have chosen to put themselves on stage to cheer up the public. In this work, the protagonists have the task of staging a play at Duceppe's which is intended to entertain. Obviously, the traits of their own characters have been deliberately exaggerated compared to what they really are. 

“I play the slightly moody girl who is not the smartest in the gang, explains Raphaëlle Lalande. Simon embodies an expansive type full of energy, whose ideas jostle each other, while Sonia stands out for her good judgment, her self-confidence and her cool side.”

Simon Lacroix

Doing break down barriers

Since this production is part of Duceppe's 50th anniversary, Projet Bocal has chosen to parody different forms of theatre. “We ask questions about what we do on stage and how we should entertain the spectators, mentions the actress. It is an ode to creativity. The protagonists do not have the white page syndrome. It’s very dense.”

In their creative process, these artists do not start from a message that they want to convey and that they strive to bring to life on stage. They give free rein to their imagination. 

“We are more effective when we have fewer barriers and that's what the show is about,” says Raphaëlle Lalande. We try not to censor ourselves. We try to be abundant. Naturally, this is not the message or the subject that we want to put forward.

“Our objective is to instill madness and lightness in the spectators, continues- she. We want them to come out of there on cloud nine, with a good feeling. That's what drives us.”

Showtime is presented from November 16 to December 17 at Duceppe.< /p>