Shy déconfinement at Desjardins

Timide déconfinement chez Desjardins

Three months after it announced the closure of more than half of its points of service in Québec and Ontario because of the pandemic, Desjardins will re-open gradually its funds from the 15 June.

In mid-march, the cooperative Lévis had chosen to close 523 of its 872 institutions in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19. Several of the affected employees had been invited to do telework.

Services at atms and on the platform AccèsD remain accessible to all members during this period.

Yesterday, Desjardins has not been able to provide the figure regarding the number of cases that will be welcoming new customers from next week. Each case will be “analyzed” by the administrators of each institution across the province and in Ontario.

The opening of a fund will depend in particular on the impact of the pandemic in this region as well as the needs of the community.

The directors will take into account in their analysis of factors such as ” proximity to other service centres, the presence of atm and the travel habits of members to areas of business where the Cash is located “, lists Desjardins.

“Although a period of déconfinement begins, Desjardins made the choice to caution to reduce the risk of spread of the virus, and we continue to place the health and safety of its members at the top of its priorities,” says the head of communications, Chantal Corbeil.

Some closed forever ?

Questioned as to whether points of service could remain closed for always, the direction of the Movement has responded that this decision is up to the directors elected by the members of each caisse.

“Each year, it is their responsibility to bring a reflection on the way in which the Fund offers its services and meet the needs of members according to the use that members are doing,” said Ms. Corbeil.

As part of its restructuring to optimize its network, Desjardins had closed last year, 268 atms and 86 service centers. December 31, 2019, the financial institution had 1689 devices to withdraw greenbacks and 872 service centres in Quebec and Ontario.

As to the question of the return of the employees in the offices, Desjardins mentions that only the teams for which telecommuting makes delivery of service difficult will be allowed to occupy the sites, and this, with certain safeguards to limit the risks of the spread of the virus.

“We are talking here about a very small minority. For all the other teams, telework is maintained until further order, ” said Ms. Corbeil. Desjardins has about 47,000 workers. Of this number, 85 % are telecommuting.

More than 90 % at NL

On the side of the National Bank, the management indicates that employees whose duties permit them to be at distance at least ” until the end of August “. For points of service, more than 90 % of the branches are open at the present time.

“We have already reopened most of those that we had closed in march to combat the spread of the virus. We continue to monitor the evolution of the déconfinement and will reassess the situation for branch offices still closed in the coming weeks, ” said spokesman Jean-François Cadieux.

The pandemic at Desjardins and the National Bank

  • Desjardins had closed 523 of its 872 institutions in march due to the COVID-19. Some branches will re-open again on 15 June.
  • Due to the pandemic, the National Bank had closed 96 of its 414 branches. The opening hours of others had been modified. Today, 90 % of the points of service are open.
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