“Si on s'aimait” box: Louise Sigouin launches tools to explore her feelings

Box & ldquo; If we & rsquo; liked & rsquo ;: Louise Sigouin launches tools for exploring his feelings

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After having published the two volumes of the best-selling book Si on s'aimait ( 1 , 2 ) , sex therapist Louise Sigouin, star of TVA's docu-reality, offers a box of inspired and inspiring cards to better understand and improve our romantic and emotional relationships . In 55 cards and 194 questions, she invites people to move from introspection to action, based on five fundamental dualities of a couple's identity.

The content of the cards is the link with the two books of the collection If we loved each other , but the format allows for a more personal approach, which invites introspection. You can pick a card at random, ask yourself essential questions and think about them alone, as a couple or with friends. It’s a great tool for starting interesting discussions!

The 55 cards are grouped according to three essential laws: emotional autonomy, authenticity and self-esteem. There are also keys to understanding, advice, practical exercises and challenges.

When you get lost …

In an interview, Louise Sigouin explains that the box is an additional tool for couples. “We had this idea. This is the content of volumes 1 and 2, but we have organized it so that it allows for even more in-depth reflection. “In everyday life, we don't always have the opportunity to stop and think about fundamental questions!

“Alone, as a couple or in a group, this provides a tool for guiding reflection, for reflecting on a theme that may not come to mind on a daily basis. The cards include emotional autonomy, dualities, the three laws, the six keys, the twelve tips. It's like covering each of these themes even more precisely. “

In consultation, Louise Sigouin welcomes couples in crisis, for whom nothing is going well. “One of the realities that I see as a couple is that at some point you get lost, for all kinds of good reasons. We have a family, we want to achieve professional fulfillment, we have a travel plan, we have the daily life, the responsibilities. You end up giving up quality time for reality. “

This is where she comes in and suggests that her clients set up a romantic ritual. “When I tell them that, they don't know what to do. They are often uncomfortable enough to sit peacefully and just chat. And it is this kind of thinking that will invite them to resume more fluid communication. It is about focusing, together, on an issue that affects us near or far. It's like going to a movie: we watch it together and then we chat. “

Being together

The box is therefore established as a medium to re-establish communication, to take stock. “We evolve, as a human being. I'm not the same person as five months ago, five years ago, ten years ago. Do I still think the same? I find it a great tool for restoring a relational intimacy that is a little upset or in difficulty. “

In her practice, Ms. Sigouin has found that many people have gone through hardships and difficult times during the pandemic, but have decided to stick together and stand together. “They realized that in difficult situations like this, it's important to be with each other, to be together, and so we don't want to go out on our own! “& Nbsp; & nbsp;

  • Louise Sigouin is a sex therapist. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
  • She animates the docu-reality Si on s'aimait , broadcast on TVA. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
  • She wrote the two volumes of Si on s'aimait . & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • The people in charge of the series are recruiting at the moment for couples in difficulty who would like to participate in a special edition of the docu-reality If we s 'loved which will be filmed in spring 2022. sionsaimait.ca & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

EXTRACT & nbsp; & nbsp;

The challenge of current couples is to understand their functioning and their dynamics, to identify the sources of conflicts which threaten them and to speak about them frankly, to find a way to overcome them . Above all, remember that the surest way to learn to live as a couple is to accept being both the student and the teacher of the other. “

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