Siboire has an eye on the old train station

The microbrewery Siboire could expand on the rue du Dépôt. The Sherbrooke company covets the spaces left vacant by Transdev-Limocar, which inaugurated Monday its new premises on King Street West. Siboire, who is currently a tenant, would like to acquire the building. Talks are underway with First Real Property, which owns the building.
T ransdev-Limocar leaves vacant the space it occupied in the old station, right next to the Siboire microbrewery.

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“It’s to make a warehouse and offices, and possibly something else (…) There is interest that is demonstrated, but there is nothing signed,” said Pierre-Olivier Boily, co-owner Siboire microbrewery, being cautious since the transaction is not yet confirmed and discussions are still ongoing.

If the two parties did not arrive there, Siboire would remain tenant of the spaces in the heritage building. Asked if the proposed “new game” could be used to brew beer, Pierre-Olivier Boily notes that it is an option, but not the only one.

Since opening in 2007 on rue du Dépôt, the Siboire microbrewery has developed steadily.

In addition to the downtown area, Siboire is also located on Jacques-Cartier Sud Boulevard in Sherbrooke, where there is a convenience store, and a branch was opened on the Boulevard St-Laurent in 2016 in Montreal. The company has about 160 employees, around 110-120 in Sherbrooke and about 40 in Montreal.

The new premises inaugurated

In addition, Transdev Limocar inaugurated its new terminus in Sherbrooke, in the same building as Emploi-Québec, located in the corner of King West and Depot Street.

The company has agreed with the Sherbrooke Transportation Corporation (STS) on the use of certain municipal wharves. The opening of the new place of business – the largest in the company in Quebec – has a waiting lounge and a ticket office, officially takes place this Tuesday, from 5:30 am.

Annie Faucher from the Downtown Sherbrooke Business Association was pleased that Transdev-Limocar decided to stay downtown. “With over 800 passengers a day, the economic impact is undeniable,” she said. Sherbrooke Mayor Steve Lussier was also delighted with the company’s project.

The terminus Transdev-Limocar has moved his penates a few steps from his former premises.

“Our lease ended May 1 and we wanted to have a place where we would operate the customer service ourselves. We will have our employees on site and get closer to customers … “, explains Pierre Gagnon, Chief Operating Officer at Transdev Canada. Employees working at the Talbot Street garage will now be in the downtown area.

About 300,000 travelers pass through the terminus each year, mostly students and workers.

More than 800 passengers pass each day at the terminus in downtown Sherbrooke.

Transdev has 1,000 employees in Quebec and 83,000 worldwide. Improvements are underway on the rue du Dépôt, in particular to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

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