Sick of months after a test

Malades des mois après un test

Many Quebecers who have contracted the COVID-19 are concerned experience symptoms such as heart palpitations, headaches, and fatigue of weeks, or even months, after receiving a positive diagnosis.

“In the media, we are told that the COVID lasts 14 days. But there are people, like me, who are not able to resume a normal life. I have no energy. Just for me to take a shower, I have to plan it, because it bothers me too, ” says Lucy Paquette, 51 years old, infected from the 28 April.

Lucie Paquette

“After weeks without being able to go to work, I was recovering in question. I share my story for those who live it do not feel alone “, expresses it with a low voice.

Solange Beaulieu also lives with the virus for several months. His first positive test on April 26.

“On 4 June, the public health called me because my test was still positive, but she also told me that I was cured, as it had been long enough since the beginning of my symptoms. I did not understand too much, ” reports the social worker of 27 years.

“Today, I cough and I’m still tired. I must take a nap over the lunch hour, because I have the misery to end my day. “


For his part, Claude, who preferred to conceal his family name, still feels of the episodes symptomatic and still has not regained the sense of smell, two and a half months later.

“It’s cyclical. I can feel good for two or three days, and then it comes back. I feel a pain in your sternum, I am out of breath and my heart rate goes up. My heart varies from 53 to 106 beats per minute “, says the nurse of experience.

“I also have problems of concentration and memory ; I feel I have the brain soft,” she continued.

“Not an Alien “

Some people with whom The Journal spoke to have found solace in discovering on social networking that several also live a longer form of the coronavirus.

Within the group, ” I’ve had the COVID-19 “, number share their symptoms, which last for months.

“I’m not an alien ! I’m not the only one to feel all weird for as long. My symptoms come and go. It is in teeth of saw. I would like to see health professionals talk about it more, because it is as if I had fallen well hollow between two chairs. I feel forgotten and abandoned, ” says Charles Brault, 39 years old, concerned about his persistent symptoms.

Science has few answers to offer for the moment.

Microbiologist dr. Karl Weiss, of the jewish general Hospital in Montreal, encourages patients to patience.

“For a simple pneumonia, people can feel tired for two or three months. It is completely normal for a person to have symptoms a month after having the COVID. It is too early to speak of a chronic disease associated to the virus. We will see in a year. ”

“For the last eight weeks, the naps of a few hours is part of my daily routine. I always have a headache and a heaviness.

Even if the public health I was officially out of my isolation, I wonder if I’m still contagious, as I still have symptoms. “

– Lucy Paquette, 51 years

“It’s been more than 50 days [I’m sick]. I had a lot of symptoms : cough, body aches, dizziness, loss of taste and smell, but nothing major that led me to the hospital. Today, I cough and I’m still tired. I must take a nap over the lunch hour, because I have the misery to end my day. “

– Solange Beaulieu, 27 years

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