Signed Daniel Boucher

Signé Daniel Boucher

Daniel Boucher is febrile. He launches himself in an all-new adventure with a series of solo shows that will broadcast from his home in the Gaspé.

Concerts virtual pay of 60 minutes, under the name of Four Thursdays in your home, which will be presented on 4, 11, 18 and 25 June.

The author, composer and interpreter will offer three shows with different songs and special requests.

The fourth and last of the 25 June will be a special evening for those who have attended the first three of the series. A show which consists entirely of special requests and a brand new song, brand new, never interpreted.

The idea of this project came to life when the festivals that he had to do this summer have been cancelled. Events that are important for québec artists.

“I would have been able to stay at home crying, but we decided to forge ahead and try something. He had to force it on a dime, and it was decided to transform these cancellation opportunities. This is a first. I am very excited, well excited and I’m really excited “, he started, in a telephone interview.

The shows will be distributed through the platform Zoom. Daniel Boucher will be able to see his “gang” of the sick, the spectators will see and everyone will be able to exchange live.

The cost for a concert is $ 15. It is possible to attend the first three shows for $ 35, and this package will qualify to the final benefit of 25 June.

New album

Daniel Boucher throws in something new, and it qualifies as exciting. “These four evenings will be unique. I’ll keep this open and we will have to go in the present moment “, he clarified.

The author, composer and interpreter, 48-year-old believes that this new route could continue to exist beyond the pandemic.

“I think it can coexist with the entertainment room. It will not be like in a room, but I see this as a new way to reach the world and connect. It can become, if we work well, a new branch of our business, ” he remarked.

Daniel Boucher has accumulated several new songs in recent years. Parts that will go with the one that it will premiere, on 25 June, on an album called blows tunes, Volume 1, that it plans to launch in the fall.

The author, composer and performer did not meet these seven songs, including two eight-minute, on an album, but the requests for a new disk were numerous.

Tickets for this series of four Thursdays are for sale on

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