Significant costs for dentists

THREE-RIVERS | dentists will be able to resume the service Monday at Three Rivers. The measures of protection which they must submit themselves, however, will be quite large and expensive.

“The visor is going to be needed for many treatments. We will also work with covers : one cover per patient,” said Dr. Marie-Claude Dubé, a dentist and co-owner of the clinic, My dentist Three Rivers.

“We “pimpé” our system of suction, the small vacuum cleaner that is used in the mouth to recover 95% of aerosols,” added his colleague, Dr. Martin Lemay.

In total, without counting the training, adapt the clinic to the standards COVID has cost at least $ 50,000, said Dr Lemay

“It was necessary to modify the ventilation systems to ensure that sterilize the air that circulates between the rooms. Perhaps half of this invoice will be reflected in our fees.”

The dentists of the clinic, My dentist Three Rivers have treated 250 cases of emergency during the confinement. Unable to access the computerized medical records of Health Quebec, they have had to proceed differently to the target.

“We must rely on what the patient tells us. It means a bundle of phones at the pharmacy to have the lists, to see the counter-indications with what is prescribed in our treatment,” said Dr. Renee Auclair, also a co-owner of the clinic.

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