Sikh leader arrested in India after manhunt

Sikh leader arrested in India following hunt ; the man


Indian police have announced that they have arrested Amriptal Singh, a Sikh separatist leader wanted for just over a month in India, ending a major manhunt.< /strong> 

The announcement was made by local police, in a tweet, on Saturday.

Singh has been arrested in India's northwest province of Punjab, but will need to be transported to a prison located in the far east of the country, according to information from the Indian station of CNN.

Local law enforcement authorities have been searching for Singh since March 18. This separatist leader is active in the Waris group of Punjab, a movement that aims to establish a sovereign state called Khalistan for the followers of the country's Sikh religion.

Singh was accused of attempted murder, obstruction of law enforcement, and creating “disharmony” within society.

This is a manhunt that has brought many issues to the fore with the population, namely discussions of an independent Sikh heritage in the Punjab province, as well as concerns of violence and police brutality.

The internet also had to be shut down for more than 27 million Punjabs in March , at the start of the hunt, one of the nation's most exhaustive internet blackouts in recent years.