Silence, we go back!

Silence, on retourne!

The actors of District 31 are Monday the set of the popular police drama, four days after having received special training on the ABC of turning into a pandemic of COVID-19.

Last Thursday, the teams of District 31, actors and technicians, had an appointment at the Studios Mels de Saint-Hubert to follow the teachings of a health coordinator. All the rules have been passed to the fine comb. The procedures to follow in the beginning of the day, what door to use to enter, signing forms, temperature-taking, hair/makeup, gowns-protection, face shields, masks, lunch, snacks… A simulation of the filming of the scene was even organized.

“This is to avoid that there is improvisation… The least possible, at least, indicates the producer and script editor of the daily soap opera, Fabienne Larouche. It is necessary that all the world has its ‘X’ and knows what to do. “

5th rank“>

5th place

This information session was also intended to reassure the workers. “It is necessary that everyone feels protected compared to what we experienced in the month of march, continued Fabienne Larouche. The zero risk does not exist, but we are doing everything to make it all go well “.

A stopwatch

The health coordinator will act as a “guard dog” for the duration of the filming. It will ensure compliance with government rules, such as that of observing a distance of two meters between each player. This gap will fall to one metre on Wednesday, but for a maximum duration of fifteen minutes per day, per actor.

A person with a stopwatch will spend its days doing accounts as well as complete a registry as tight. The handshakes are allowed, but you can not turn of scenes of battle or of love.

Another detail to mention : when an actor is part of the regular team will run on another production, it should keep a distance of two meters with his colleagues for two weeks.

“We have worked hard to ensure that everything is put in place so that we can comply with the instructions, says Fabienne Larouche. But if one realizes that there is something amiss, stop everything. ”

5e rank and The Breakaway

The Breakaway“>

The Breakaway

In addition to District 31, another series will restart its operations this morning : 5e rank. Three weeks after completing the shooting test for an episode, the teams of the drama farm Radio-Canada to go back to work until the 14th of August, the time to complete the order of 12 episodes planned for this fall.

“If all goes well, we could go after,” says the producer of soap operas, Joanne Forgues Productions Casablanca.

The whole of life“>

Whole life

On the side of The Breakaway, Anick Lemay and company leave the machine on next Monday. The following week, it is Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc and Roy Dupuis who will find the Whole of life.

Later this summer

The filming of the up-Country and various Facts to turn back on later this summer. “It is at the very beginning of the preparations,” says producer Sophie Deschenes of Sovimage. This is very important, it is the health of the whole world. It will have to be vigilant. It has very strict rules to follow.”

For Discussions with my parents and another story, the folders are “in the course of the final approval,” says Radio-Canada. For The blue hour, nothing is yet confirmed, reports TVA.

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