Silent Hill comes in Dead by Daylight

Silent Hill s’invite dans Dead by Daylight

Four years after its launch, the universe of Dead by Daylight continues to expand. This week, the game montreal is preparing to welcome into its ranks a new antagonist : Pyramid Head, the iconic character of the saga Silent Hill.

The Executioner of Silent Hill in the world of the Dead by Daylight ? Here’s one that nobody had seen it coming. In the days, even weeks, prior to the announcement, the theories of fans were going in all directions, each trying as hard to guess the identity of the new antagonist prompted in the video game in montreal. The bets were officially opened, the updates, the most popular inclination on the side of three croque-mittens the seventh art : Pennywise, Pinhead, and Candyman.

In short, fans have taken the wrong road. And it, the team at the montreal studio Behaviour Interactive is not a little proud. Because in the internet age, it is more difficult to fool the fans.

“We are really happy to have surprised people. It is very difficult to keep such a secret for several months. It’s been a long time that we are working on Silent Hill and, in our industry, there are so many traps that can lead to information leaks “, breath Dave Richard, creative director, a few minutes after the official announcement.

But what is Dead by Daylight ? It is a horror game, multiplayer, asymmetric, created of all parts by the montreal studio Behaviour Interactive. Players can choose their clan (killer or survivor) to play cat and mouse in environments that are dark and menacing which the potential victims have to escape.

The game has since reached out to more than 23 million of players around the planet since its release in June 2016.

Icons of horror

Pyramid Head

Mythical character of the video game universe, if there is one, the Executioner (referred to by its original name, Pyramid Head, or even The Executioner by English speakers) is landed with a bang in the consoles – and then the nightmares of millions of players in 2001 with Silent Hill 2. He has since made the leap to the big screen, appearing in the film adaptation of the saga.

For his arrival in the world of the Dead by Daylight, it will be accompanied by a new survivor, she also following the plot of Silent Hill : Cheryl Mason. The update, available starting Tuesday, will also allow players to explore a whole new place, as familiar as these two characters, one primary school, Midwich.

The Executioner will follow in the footsteps of the legends of horror, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Ghostface, and other Ash Williams, invited all of them in the barn Dead by Daylight since its launch. They evolve from the sides of the original characters from the imagination of the team from Behaviour Interactive.

Who will be the next ?

But now that all these famous murderers have all accepted the invitation of the studio, who will be the next to imitate ?

The game director, Mathieu Side, admits that the basin of the legends of the horror starts to decrease significantly since Dead by Daylight has recruited the largest pieces. But fans can rest assured : it is not a question for the game to stop his growth so far.

“For the moment, we have five or six names who are still in our sights. This can give us even three or four years of material, because it develops always the original content. Otherwise, we can easily continue for 10 years, with our own characters, ” he explained.

Same sound of bell on the side of Dave Richard who, for his part, intends to continue a “long time” to add chapters to Dead by Daylight.

“As long as it works well and that our players continue to have fun in this universe, I don’t see any reason to stop. For the moment, I do not see the end, ” he concludes.

The chapter Silent Hill will be available to players of Dead by Daylight from Tuesday.

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