Silk season: restoring the hair after the summer

Four of the most effective ways to do curls great again

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Шелковый сезон: восстанавливаем волосы после лета

Vacation long ago melted below the horizon, and the weather has managed to throw 15 degrees. And only our hair still have the scars searing summer sun. Well, the time has come to take their recovery seriously. And here they are: the four most effective ways to do curls great again!

Treat, not masked

In autumn, the hair falls out intense regular, not to hide. The main reasons: the same change of weather conditions, a vitamin deficiency or improper care. For self-monitoring it is important to remember that after scratching on the comb should be no more than 20-30 hairs. If you find that your “losses” more than this limit, consider consultation with a specialist. Trichologist right answer, is there a reason to panic, and recommend remedies for the treatment of the hair, which is exactly will work.

Шелковый сезон: восстанавливаем волосы после лета

More tender

The next step should be rethinking your daily routine. Take, for example, shampooing. It can be very traumatic, so hold it gently and with the right products. Before the procedure, gently comb the curls so you will increase the efficiency of purification and a strong will avoid tangling of the strands. Also make a choice in favor of a shampoo without sulfates and don’t forget to wash your hair twice each time. The massage that accompanies the wash should be gentle, without too much pressure. Rinse the shampoo with warm water, not cool, otherwise he will remain on the strands of an unnecessary burden.

Pamper with care

Even if you are in a hurry, never neglect conditioners or balms. The hair shaft has scales, which should be closed after cleansing to make the strands shiny and silky. Yes, the information is not new, but worth repeating. And of course, the absolute must-have for home care for strands of hair masks 1-2 times a week. Exceptions here can not be, even for girls with curls, prone to fat. Just pick up the tool will have a little more carefully.

Шелковый сезон: восстанавливаем волосы после лета

Extra care

The observance of the previous three rules will allow to cope with almost all the harmful effects of the hot summer. And the oil to hair ends and thermal protection for hot styling – something that will help to continue to support the acquired result at the appropriate level. Pick these products based on the type of their curls: for very dry and brittle ends will fit jojoba oil, argan and olive for normal to oily strands is better to take not so rich, a lighter formula.

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