Silvi Tourigny presents its new “chum girl”, the beautiful Danie Star

Silvi Tourigny nous présente sa nouvelle «chum de fille», la belle Danie Star

Contrary to what one might believe, Danie Star is a female. This bitch aged 18 months, american bulldog, is just a number. It has often been in the spotlight for the containment of video capsules on the page Facebook of the comedian.

1. What is the reason that prompted you to have this dog with you?

It was adopted Danie Star 4 months after the death of Marshall. The house was empty. We are fans of big dogs with a side of ” baboune “, but we wanted a dog that doesn’t look like too much to Marshall, not to compare them. So we chose a white female to make it different.

2. Why have you chosen this name ?

The death of Marshall, my son has had a bereavement difficult. He woke up in the night crying. One night, to comfort him, I told him that we would have another dog when we would be ready. He replied : “Oh yes mom, and we call Danie Star. “A revelation at 2 in the morning !

3. How to describe in a few sentences the personality of your pet ?

It is a special one. It can be very intense, edgy, and demonstrate a joy of living, but it can also be extremely anxious. Its dependent side emotional fact that she follows me everywhere. It also has a very protective with our son. Unfortunately, it is also a ” dog problem “. It was often full of aches and pains, has a dysplasia of the hip, often scratches compulsively, etc, It is far from Marshall, but I like it when even love !

4. Tell us a fact comical, unusual or special about your animal.

It is a dog “goat” ! She loves the heights. She goes everywhere. This was found standing on the counter and even standing on the table. She sits on the chair, the chairs, etc, It now has a place on a chair at the table. She sits there and watches us play cards.

5. Tell us about one of his escapades.

She does not like the car and is a good actress. Every time we wanted to do that ship, she feigned a pain in the hips and seemed unable to rise. At the beginning, we believed, but when I saw his great ability to climb a little around the house, I understood that she had us fooled. When she doesn’t want something, suddenly, his hips are making him more evil !

6. What is his favorite activity ?

Its new interactive toy Bob-a-lot, a sort of puzzle for the dog in which one cache of food.

7. What would you have liked to know before you obtain this animal ?

That a white dog it’s messy. In fact, Danie Star is no more dirty than a dog, but it seems more.

8. How your pet can be a source of inspiration for you ?

Until now, side scene, not yet, but on the web, it is a different matter. I made a dozen video clips where Danie Star is featured. I have used the fact that she must follow me everywhere with his little air particular…She has a face so “pay off” !

9. During the confinement, what is Danie Star has brought you ?

Entertainment non-stop. She added a little levity during this difficult time.

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