Simon Boulerice: TV memories against a backdrop of “lip-sync” and the smell of Kraft Dinner

Simon Boulerice: TV memories against a backdrop of « lip-sync » smell of Kraft Dinner


During his childhood, Simon Boulerice “religiously ” watched television.

His interests ranged from Quebec classics to talk shows and even wrestling! Intense moments, he lived a lot!

Simon, what are the youth programs that have marked you?

I'm from the Passe-Partout generation. I felt like their accomplice: I had the impression that the trio of fantasists was just talking to me. I never thought I would write for them one day! Otherwise, two other shows are memorable to me. First, Iniminimagimo, where we revisited classic tales with creativity and talent. Looking back, I am convinced that my novel Javotte germinated when I saw their Cinderellawith the formidable Louise Lavoie and Christine Séguin. Then Robin and Stella for friendship and those cupboards that communicated together between the two neighboring apartments. I searched the walls of my closet for a long time; the disappointment of not having discovered any backdoor still haunts me!

What are your fondest childhood television memories?

Definitely watching wrestling as a family on the weekends, eating Kraft Dinner. It was the birth of my love for theatre: I deduced that everything was scripted and staged. I loved the hypertrophied presence of the ultra-typical wrestlers (Hulk Hogan's gestures, Brutus Beefcake's barber shears, Ultimate Warrior's neon laces…) and, my god, how beautiful I thought they were! Apart from the colossus Undertaker who terrified me. I was also assiduously watching City Roomsand I worshiped the character of Lola. I felt smart to love her more than the sweeter Annick. I was mainly fascinated by Anne Dorval.

Is there one more striking than the others?

But my most amazing is my love of the talk-shows I watched with my mother. Sonia Benezra's was my favorite. My absolute moment of grace: one day, around 1992, Fabienne Thibeault came to sing Stoneon the show, but his voice is hoarse. She has to go back to the beginning – a capella! – twice before the big cursed cat came out of his throat! Thibeault asks if it's live. Sonia, sorry, says “yes”. And me observing the scene, fascinated by the “ live blooper ” : “ Mom, it's not okay, madam, eh ? » To date, this is the greatest TV moment of my life: vulnerability in all its glory.

Is there a character that influenced you?< /strong>

Not a character as much as someone: Karine Vanasse and her two formidable “lip-sync” at the 100 Watts Club. Illegal by Marjo and Sounding Wordsby Céline. I found her so precise and charismatic. I was horribly jealous of her. I wanted to do lip-sync so badly in life ! Therefore, I consider that Ariel Charest is living the life I would have liked to live.

What do you think of today's youth TV?

I find it more inclusive than ever. And it unfolds from every angle. The joy that I, for example, would have had to see the drag queen Barbada introduce me to musical instruments!

The series Géolocaliser l'amour, an adaptation of the poem novel by Simon Boulerice, is available on ICI Extra where it is also possible to watch the second season of Six Degrees, another series written by the author.

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