Simon Dubois fights waves “as high as the Times Hotel”

“There were bursts at 200 km / h and waves of 15 to 20 meters. It was brewing as a tabaroo! It was like I was on a boat on Lake of Nations and the waves were high like the Times Hotel! ”

L has crossed the Pacific from the grueling Clipper Around the World Yacht Race Simon DuBois has not been easy. Despite a disappointing result in the standings, the Sherbrookois believes he had a unique experience in facing a major storm.

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A tough third leg for Simon Dubois

“It was intense, but I never felt in danger,” he says in a telephone interview with La Tribune. There were no injuries or irreparable damage. We did well. If we take away the race aspect, we have experienced things that very few people on the planet have the chance to live. ”

The Visit Seattle crew of 16 plus a few officers finished this stage 8th out of 11 boats. The ship was well placed in first position at the beginning of the trip, which connects the Chinese coast to Seattle in the United States, but an error however came to torpedo the chances of the crew to finish first.

“We tried to get away from others to take a window of wind that never materialized, admits Simon DuBois. We fell in a wind hole instead and in two hours we went from first to last. ”

This error created a climate of tension among the crew that was not easy to manage.

“We knew that our chances of going up the slope were almost nil unless there was a miracle and that brought tensions on board. If you make a mistake in a “normal” job, you can go home and move on. There, we are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with people who all manage the failure a little differently. The behavior of some influences others and it creates a difficult climate. But it has been a beautiful apprenticeship to switch from failure to hope. ”

The crew rolled up their sleeves to climb three positions before the finish line.

The next stop will be Seattle to New York with a stopover in Panama.

“It will be nice to find warm temperatures because we have frozen a lot on the Pacific, says Simon DuBois. One morning, I got up and my hair was frozen! It was a little hell at times. Simon DuBois’s team is third overall with two more legs to go.

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