Simon Kean will face an Olympian

Simon Kean will face an Olympian


Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) confirmed on Monday that Simon Kean will face Newfel Ouatah in the semi-finals of a gala which will feature Christian Mbilli. 

< p>Boxing fans who go to the Cabaret du Casino de Montréal on September 9 will therefore be entitled to a confrontation between two Olympic athletes.

Indeed, Ouatah (18-4, 10 K.- O.) represented Algeria in 2008, ranking fifth at heavyweight. 

Ouatah has not fought since suffering a knockout. against Vladyslav Sirenko on June 12, 2021. 

But the Grizzly's coach said he was wary of the 36-year-old, especially because he's 6'6″ tall and consequently has excellent reach.

“At the moment, Simon is working hard in training and we are seeing the results, suggested Vincent Auclair, according to a press release from EOTTM. Ouatah's greatness will force him to adjust and use his physical attributes at the right time. Besides that, the challenge will be to outmaneuver his defense and agility to land powerful shots with every opening Simon has.”

This will be Kean's first fight since his triumph over K. -O. against Shawndell Winters (13-7, 12 K.-O.) on February 19. 

The Quebecer has won his last six duels.

Mbilli (21-0 -0, 19 KOs) meanwhile has an appointment with DeAndre Ware (15-3-2, 9 KOs). 

He will put on his WBC Continental belt of the Americas in play, but will be able to seize the WBA super-middleweight title currently belonging to his opponent.

Mary Spencer (6-0, 4 KOs) will also be on the card , just like Luis Santana (6-0, 2 K.-O.), Leïla Beaudoin (6-0, 1 K.-O.), Avery Martin-Duval (7-0-1, 4 K.-O. ) and Christopher Guerrero (3-0).

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