Simple and convenient: the TOP 5 useful tricks with a laptop

Five useful tricks that will simplify the work on the laptop with Windows 10

Evgeniy Opanasenko

30 Jun, 15:31

Просто и удобно: ТОП-5 полезных трюков с ноутбуком

Expanding the capabilities of the laptop with Windows 10

If you have a laptop with operating system Windows 10, you are unlikely to have studied all the possibilities that it can offer you. For those who want to save time and quickly learn how to efficiently use your laptop, the editor of “Today” has prepared for you five useful tricks that will simplify the work on the laptop.

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Dark theme

Dark design was introduced in Windows 10 this year after a fashion on it was entered in its last year Apple macOS 10.14 Mojave. However, not all users still know that this dark design in General is the operating system from Microsoft.

Просто и удобно: ТОП-5 полезных трюков с ноутбуком

To activate the dark theme, go to “start”, then select “Settings” followed by “Personalization” and then under “Colors”, locate switch in dark clearance. Activate the new color scheme should affect both the operating system and some applications that support the new design, like the browsers Opera and Chrome.

The labels of the sites on the panel or the taskbar

Просто и удобно: ТОП-5 полезных трюков с ноутбуком

The pin website to the taskbar

In addition to reviewing applications on the panel or the taskbar, you can also pin sites you frequently visit for quick access – it’s a kind of update to the system bookmarks that have been accessed by your browser.

Просто и удобно: ТОП-5 полезных трюков с ноутбуком

On Windows 10, the easiest thing to do in Microsoft Edge: open the application menu and select “Attach this page to the taskbar”. After this icon of the website will appear below in the task pane by clicking the page will open in your browser Edge.


Surprisingly, but about the function for more desktop users of Windows 10 almost do not know. But in vain – a very handy feature to organize your work with multiple Windows open without collapsing them, and just switching between desktops.

Просто и удобно: ТОП-5 полезных трюков с ноутбуком

Creates new desktops in Windows 10 key combination CTRL + WIN + D. Remove – CTRL + WIN + F4. You can create them and the mouse in the menu “task View” at the top will be a button “Create desktop”, but they are closed by clicking the cross.

Dynamic Wallpaper

Instead of static pictures Wallpaper in Windows 10 can be made to change after a certain period of time, and it does not need to install any additional software. Built into the operating system of the live Wallpapers will do it for you.

Просто и удобно: ТОП-5 полезных трюков с ноутбуком

Select multiple background images, place them in one folder. Then, click the right mouse button on the desktop, select “Personalize” then select “Background”, and in it the background type switch on the “Slide show”. You just have to choose the folder with background images and set the time of picture change.

Streaming games with PlayStation 4

Usually the laptop is not able to run modern video games. To slightly improve the gaming capabilities of laptops, Sony has released a special Remote Play to stream games from their PlayStation 4 (which you should be).

The program is absolutely free and using it is very simple. Previously in the settings of the PS4 have to choose the ability streaming. Then a downloadable application that is installed, connect DualShock 4 controller to a laptop via MicroUSB cable and run the program Remote Play – the image game consoles will be broadcast on the laptop with all video games.

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