Simplify work with Windows 10: three useful trick

Simple tips on how to quickly make a screenshot, create a new desktop and minimize all Windows

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Упрощаем работу с Windows 10: три полезных трюка

Three simple, but extremely useful advice

Opportunities Windows 10 so much that they are impossible to describe in one article. The number of functions for different tasks is through the roof. But we found three simple, but extremely useful ways, which few people know, but they are much easier to work with this operating system.

Shake the window

One of the distinctive features of Windows 10 from older versions is the ability to shake the window. Just grab the window you need for the title and quickly shake the mouse left and right. As a result, all other Windows will be minimized to the task bar, except the active. Repetitive movement will come back.

Упрощаем работу с Windows 10: три полезных трюка

This trick is extremely useful when you have many programs and you need to either just clean the workspace without closing the application, or see the desktop and the application that you are working with.

Quick screen capture

The option “take a screenshot” has always been a weakness of Windows. Only Windows 7 has a clumsy program snipping tool(Snipping Tool), which had extremely poor functionality. In Windows 10, Microsoft probably saw the convenience of macOS, and added a shortcut for quick removal of screenshots.

Упрощаем работу с Windows 10: три полезных трюка

With a simple Shift + Win + S opens the possibility to capture region or whole of the desktop screen. After the capture of the remains in the clipboard, but it can be quickly edited by clicking on the icon in the right bottom corner and choose the last screenshot from the list.

Additional desktops

Surprisingly, many Windows 10 users are not even aware that the operating system added an extremely useful feature that came from Linux and macOS – additional desktops. Handy thing when you do not want to close all open Windows, but you need a fast clean desktop to switch between them.

Упрощаем работу с Windows 10: три полезных трюка

The key combination Ctrl + Win + D creates a new desktop, and Ctrl + Win + F4 – closes it. Build desktops in any quantity, and you can switch between them using Ctrl + Win + [arrows].

Also build desktops can be a mouse, clicking on the “task View” on the taskbar at the top will be a button “Create desktop” by clicking on which you can create additional desktops. Moreover, between them, you can drag the open window with the mouse.

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