Since the beginning of January the average price of LPG has decreased by almost 20%

C начала января средняя цена автогаза уменьшилась почти на 20%

The average retail price made up 10.75 UAH / liter.

Since the beginning of January the average price of gas (LPG) on the Ukrainian filling stations decreased by 2.65 UAH/liter, or almost 20%. Now she is at about of 10.75 UAH/liter.

As transfers the Internet edition of the this writes the profile publication enkorr, citing data from price monitoring in the retail market “Consulting group A-95”.

Compared to the previous week premium networks OKKO and WOG reduced prices by about 25 cents and the 11.04 to 11.05 UAH/liter.

505 gas management modules, the network “Private” reduced prices for 1-8 kopecks/liter to 10.12–10,13 UAH/liter. While the lowest price was recorded in Zhytomyr region – 9,30 UAH/liter.

Also LPG is cheaper at the stations AMIC, SOCAR, Shell, UPG, Glusco, “BRSM-Nafta”, KLO and a number of regional networks 5-30 COP. Most expensive LPG sells Shell – 11,50 UAH/liter.

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