Sing in front of the cars: “It’s going to have to allow the magic to work”

Chanter devant des voitures: «Il va falloir laisser la magie opérer»

Some are excited, others admit to being stressed. It may be a lifeline for artists in a time of pandemic, in the form of concerts, ciné-parc comes with its share of question marks. How the hell do people sit in their car ?

“It is the unknown for everyone. We, it is expected that people are happy to have the option to see a concert live. I think that there will be an effect of curiosity, ” said Claude Cobra, the lead singer of Blue Jeans Blue.

The group behind the success zip hoody is part of the first cohort of artists who will participate in the tour, TD musiparc, organized by Gestev.

Ludovick Bourgeois confesses, ” a little stress “.

“The shows live, it is still human contact. I’m really anxious to see how people will react in their car, and also our reactions to us on the stage. “

Brigitte Boisjoli

In the camp of excited, there’s Brigitte Boisjoli.

“Just the fact of getting on stage will do good. No matter the formula, I swear I would have said yes. They have me sacred in an aquarium to sing with fish, from the back, and I would have done. “

Show horn and lights

A prediction issued by several of the participants ? The cars will be put to contribution.

France D’amour

“I can imagine several hundreds of tanks in a train of honking and flashing their lights,” plays Byron Mikaloff of the Lost Fingers, while France D’amour-sharing concerns ” technical “.

“It is very unclear. You don’t play with a sound system, but with a monitor in the ears. The music, it is a matter of feeling, of vibration. The rest of us, we need that case-there is quite strong. How will it work technically ? It is a mystery total. “

“A show of party “

For the choice of songs, it’s unanimous. The directory will have to be festive.

“There will be less of ballads. We really want that people really like it, ” sums up Byron Mikaloff.

“I’ve ridden a festive show, as I would do in the festival normally. People are going to be sitting there, and this is where it is important to stimulate the enthusiasm. It’s going to be a show of party, which is exclusive to these dates-there, ” added Ludovick Bourgeois.

Steve Veilleux, the lead singer of Cain, abounds in the same direction. But in a good veteran, he borrows from the lexicon of hockey to describe how it will overcome the ” wall of tanks “. “We should not try to do too much. The music should speak for itself. “

Or, as mentioned by Claude Cobra : “It’s going to have to let it work its magic. “

A balm

For artists who were expecting to spend a summer with nothing to do, this series of concerts is looming so as a balm on a wound. However, if the shows in cine-parc will be able to put a bit of butter on the table, the situation a countless number of artists remain precarious because of the COVID-19.

“Drive-ins, it saves us morally, but this is not enough yet, submit Byron Mikaloff. An artist makes 75 % of its annual revenue in the summer. Imagine what it will do for people who have families. “

It remains that these concerts will be the occasion for the artists to build up a bank of anecdotes to their old days, according to Steve Veilleux.

“I expect something historic because we are going through a historical period. In several years, you will remember that we made some shows in drive-in theaters with a smile. “

– With the collaboration of Sandra Godin


Concerts of the week series TD musiparc

20 : Marc Dupré, Quebec

21 : Brigitte Boisjoli, Quebec

23 : Marc Dupré, Mirabel | 2Frères, Quebec | France D’amour, Gatineau | Cain, Mercier | Dany Bédar, Bromont

24 : Marc Dupré, Mirabel | 2Frères, Quebec | France D’amour, Gatineau | Blue Jeans Blue, Bromont | Cain, Mercier

25 : 2Frères, Mercier | Blue Jeans Blue, Bromont | Cain, Mirabel | Guylaine Tanguay, Gatineau | Ludovick Bourgeois, Quebec

26 : 2Frères, Mercier | The Lost Fingers, Gatineau | France D’amour, Bromont | Bleu Jeans Bleu, Quebec | Cain, Mirabel

27 : The Lost Fingers, Gatineau | France D’amour, Mirabel | Blue Jeans Blue, Quebec | Brigitte Boisjoli, Mercier | Guylaine Tanguay, Bromont

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