Singer Angèle attracts a considerable crowd during a surprise appearance in Montreal

Singer Ang&ele Montreal


A few hours before her concerts at the Bell Center in Montreal on Saturday and Sunday, popular pop singer Angèle surprised her admirers at her Pop Up boutique on Friday afternoon in Montreal.

Alexandrine Côté waited 3 hours to meet her idol Angèle. She will go see her two shows this weekend at the Bell Center.

After charming the Videotron Center in Quebec City on Thursday evening and tasting the famous Quebec poutine – the proof in her ephemeral posts on Instagram – Belgian sensation Angèle has fulfilled the dream of many of her admirers. In the morning, the singer-songwriter announced in an Instagram “story” that she would be visiting her clothing store between 3 and 5 p.m. 

< strong>Positive values

“We came from France expressly to see her in Montreal, explained the couple formed by Brice Pascal and Émilie Adam who, arriving at 11:30 a.m., were at the very beginning the long queue on rue Saint-Denis. It was a gift from Brice. We really like Montreal, so Montreal + Angèle was perfect! »

The couple, who have followed Angèle since her debut, praised the positive values ​​of the European artist.

The first two people in line to meet Angèle came from France especially to attend the concert on Saturday.

“We love the values ​​she transmits, she carries beautiful values ​​such as feminism and respect for others from all points of view. Beyond her music, she shows beautiful messages, ”explains the 29-year-old admirer who came with her little dog to create a bond with Angèle who also has a four-legged friend. 

On this sunny Friday, the many admirers forming the queue in front of the store had a smile on their faces. Several wore brightly colored clothing, as their idol often does. “We miss a lesson at school to be here,” laughed two tourism students. We didn't want to miss that.

The star, who arrived around 3:11 p.m., was greeted by hundreds of cheers from her admirers. 

Queen of French pop

The popular pop singer – who recently performed at the famed Coachella music festival in California – charmed critics and crowds during her Thursday performance at the Center Videotron of Quebec. “The irresistible Angèle has been acclaimed as the queen of French-speaking pop that she has become,” wrote Le Journal.  

“The Quebec public is very, very warm,” said the young Belgian star behind the songs “Yes or not” and “To forget everything”. A troupe of dancers joined her on stage to spend a good part of the evening in her company. 

“I am dreaming. I'm not saying that to please, it's very cool,” she added the artist who shared several photos and videos of the evening on her Instagram account after her two-hour show and composed of 23 songs. &nbsp ;

  • Angèle will be performing Saturday and Sunday at the Bell Center in Montreal.