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Singer Daniel Boucher supports the Parti Québécois

Singer Daniel Boucher supports the Parti Québécois


Singer Daniel Boucher made a point of openly supporting the Parti Québécois and invited the separatists to “show themselves clearly”. 

The author -composer and performer of La Désise, who is also today a municipal councilor for Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis, had traveled to Saint-Anne-des-Monts, in Gaspésie to be alongside chef Paul St -Pierre Plamondon.

“I am very proud to be here today. I left Mont-Louis 45 minutes [from here], I traveled to support the Parti Québécois […] and Méganne Perry Melançon [candidate] in the riding of Gaspé,” said says the artist who has always openly called himself a separatist.

“I've been showing myself clearly for a long time and I can't do it for others, but I can do it for myself and that's why I invite the separatists to do it too… clearly display with pride to help bring about the independence of Quebec,” he added.

He stressed that he was present as a citizen and did not have his guitar with him. Nevertheless, it was in a solemn and almost poetic tone that he explained the reasons for his presence.

“What I hear from the Parti Québécois makes me vibrate… and I am not the only one to vibrate. To clearly assume for the independence of Quebec, without complex, with pride, with a smile on my face… I really like what I see and what I hear,” he said, emphasizing each sentences.

He added that as a citizen of the Gaspé, he also appreciates that the Party “clearly and proudly takes responsibility for the regions. »

When asked whether he found the campaign lacking in emotion, as some outside observers have said, he replied: if I found the Parti Québécois campaign flat…I would be stayed with us. I'm here. »

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