Singer Natalka Karpa is expecting a child: photofact

Ukrainian celebrity pregnant

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Певица Наталка Карпа ждет ребенка: фотофакт

Natalka Karpa with her husband Evgeny Terekhov

Ukrainian singer Natalka Karpa, who previously spoke about the involuntary “Striptease” before the male audience, waiting for replenishment in the family. That the singer is pregnant, it has become evident after recent pictures in Instagram.

Find out why Tarabarova hide her pregnancy:

Note that Natalka Karpa has been almost four years married to a hero of the ATO Evgeny Terekhov. The couple married in 2016-m to year. On the published pictures a few days ago the 38-year-old singer posed in one of the dressing room of the Mall. From under the black dress balahonistyh a clearly visible rounded tummy.

In addition, on August 14, the actress celebrated her birthday with family in Greece, where he is also posing with a noticeable belly.

Also recently in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” on a direct question of the leader of the new addition to the family Natalka responded in two ways, denying the fact of pregnancy: “Oh, this is social media! Yes, I now often write: “Natasha, you better or you can be congratulated?”. But I will say one thing, I believe that the purpose of each women to be a mother. But you know, even the second momentik that happiness loves silence”.

Earlier we wrote how the Ukrainian celebrity Santa Dimopoulos found out about the pregnancy. In addition, the star showed off what before birth.

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Певица Наталка Карпа ждет ребенка: фотофакт

Певица Наталка Карпа ждет ребенка: фотофакт

Певица Наталка Карпа ждет ребенка: фотофакт


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