Singer Nyusha gave his daughter a “lion” name, but the fans do not understand: “why not Timon?”

Певица Нюша подарила своей дочери "львиное" имя, но фанаты не поняли: "А чего не Тимон?"

today, 20:42

Russian singer Nyusha finally declassified the name of his daughter who she gave birth in November 2018. So, the actress gave an interview to Hello magazine and admitted that she and her husband named the girl Simba.

The star explained that she loves the disney cartoon “the lion King”, besides, she wanted to have a daughter was a special and rare name. As you know, so she changed her name to Anna because of the fact that it is the most popular in the world.

Also considered the name Miroslav, but after birth, the young parents soon realized that the stop at the first option.

By the way, most fans did not understand the decision of the singer and began to worry about the future of the baby, considering that she will have to endure the taunts at school.

“Well, not Pumbaa”, “Sivova Simba Igorevna. Nyusha made a joke? Why do so with your child”, “Hakuna Matata — the meaning of the phrase, so just forget the worries and keep your tail pipe”, “What to expect from my mother with the name of a pig”, “why are you not Timon,” wrote commentators in the social network Instagram.

However, some have suggested that this affectionate abbreviation for the name of the beautiful Seraphim.

We will remind, the daughter of Svetlana Loboda accidentally revealed the secret of the star mother: “Brother wait”.

As reported by the portal Znayu scandalous, Taisiya Povaliy was excited about the network news about the baby: “My sequel”.

The portal also Znayu wrote that her husband Todorenko Topalov complained about her young son: “didn’t sleep at all!”

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