Sister of Oleg Sentsov commented on the status of the Director. Video

Сестра Олега Сенцова прокомментировала состояние режиссера. Видео

According to the girl, her brother is in critical condition.

Photos of Oleg Sentsov, who announced on the eve of the Russian side is real and genuine. At least, this belief in the comment expressed Natalia Kaplan, sister of the Director, reports the with reference to channel 5.

She also noted that Oleg refuses transport to a civilian hospital in the Russian Labytnangi, do not feel sick, so it is satisfied and prison doctors.

“The photo really Oleg. It is evident that he is very, very malnourished, very skinny. That is from Oleg there’s really little left. Now he started anemia complains of pain in the heart, the pulse is very weak. Only 40 beats per minute. He hardly gets out. Rises only in case of emergency. and as he wrote in his letter: “Apparently, the end is near.” He was there in the ICU of the city hospital, Labytnangi and treated him much worse. He has confidence in prison doctor, oddly enough, more than to ordinary civilian doctors,” said the sister of the prisoner.

Today Sentsov in the colony he saw and Russian the priest – Bishop Gregory Mikhnov-Voitenko. It is located in Russian Labytnangi and talked with the prisoner. The colony also held a medical consultation, which local, and prison doctors have discussed the state of Ukrainian film Director. Next time to see. the Bishop plans on Monday, August 13.

Ukrainian consumes only water and a minimal amount of medical mixtures that support it. Sentsov also once again reminded that you do not stop the hunger strike until the Kremlin will not agree to its demands. Namely, the release of all Ukrainian prisoners held in Russian prisons.

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