Sisters Carpentier: a funeral that will live intense emotions

Sœurs Carpentier: des funérailles qui feront vivre des émotions intenses

The funeral of Norah and Romy Carpentier will be celebrated on Monday by the director-general Mourning-Youth, Josée Masson, who expects a busy day of emotion where the main message will be focused on the two girls so that people learn to know them.

Ms. Masson has accepted to engage with The Journal through the important preparation needed for the ceremony Monday and the many requests received by his agency this week.

A social worker by training and a specialist in grief since now 22 years old, the founder of Mourning-Youth intends to bring the message of the family of Norah and Romy, Monday. The loved ones, but also the public, who can attend a broadcast on a screen outside the funeral home, they will learn to discover the two sisters, unfortunately found dead last Saturday.

The director-general Mourning-Youth, Josée Masson

“It is a ceremony that will 100 % connected to Norah and Romy. People will learn to know through that encounter-there “, explains Josée Masson, who admits to having written his texts, but that they are very likely to change by Monday. “It will change because the choice of words is important. […] What is certain is that there will be smiles and tears. It is necessary to accept these emotions-there. “

Learn the mourning

Josée Masson also intends to address the issue of grief during his speech, because it is obviously just beginning for the family.

“There will be learning. I want people remember how we can stand in there, ” explains the director of Bereavement-Youth, claiming that the population also has a role to play in this support.

“We need to be careful because Quebec is not in mourning. Quebec is in response to the grief of this family-there. It is a reaction of solidarity, it is affected, but it is not necessary to dilute the experience of the mother and the family. They will have to learn to live without the small, us, we will have to learn to bear them in there, ” says Josée Masson, who has published two books on the subject.

Mélissa Bédard

It will also be accompanied during the ceremony of the singer Mélissa Bédard, who is also the spokesperson of the Mourning Youth. The artist will perform songs in memory of the two girls.

The ceremony, which will take place on Monday at the funeral Complex, Claude Marcoux of Lévis will be reserved for the family because of the restrictions related to the COVID-19. The public may, however, attend to the re-broadcast of the funeral on a screen outside the funeral home, 16 h.

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