“Sit at home and make children,” Carol was stunned by the confession about the affair with the woman

"Сидим дома и делаем детей", - Кароль ошарашила признанием о романе с женщиной

Tina Karol, screenshot: YouTube

today, 14:16

Famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, soon to go to the British capital to son. Also Tina admitted, do not panic if the family that lives in Benjamin, about the coronavirus. The singer recently showed in his Instagram a protective mask.

"Сидим дома и делаем детей", - Кароль ошарашила признанием о романе с женщиной

Tina Karol, instagram.com/tina_karol/

Singer had to share with journalist Katya Osadchaya impressions of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest, and told whether it remained happy with my choice. And as ambiguous clip with Yulia Sanina, Ekaterina Osadchaya asked whether there was once Tina Karol affair with a woman. This became known thanks to the application of Tina in the “high life”.

“In the UK there are already many incidents of the disease in coronavirus. I primarily want to protect themselves for Veni, so as not to bring anything. I have special gloves and a mask. He will fly on vacation – that is the question! Because he’s a baby, hands here, hands there, dirty gadgets, pens… I think he might not arrive for Easter. This is for me the most pain. His family do not panic, I’m not panicking,” shared the star.

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Also Karol is convinced that panic does not need, then need knowledge. In particular, the singer advises to go to public places wearing gloves and sterilized his hands.

“Sitting at home doing children”, – jokingly said Tina.

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We will remind, Tina passionately kissed Mishka of “95 Quarter”, did not stop even his wife.

As reported Znayu Tina Karol in a playful pose taught Ukrainians how to seduce anyone, even Dan Balan.

Znayu wrote, Tina Karol naked for the sake of “wet” photo shoot, let the salivating not only Dan Balan.

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