Situation in hospitals: the worst is yet to come, according to the Federal Minister of Health

Situation in hospitals: the worst is yet to come, according to minister fé Health Department


The situation in hospitals looks particularly difficult in Quebec over the coming months with the rise of COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses. 

Already, the statistics show 1,829 hospitalizations on Tuesday due to COVID-19, or 19 more than the last report. At least 39 people were in intensive care.

When we look at what is happening elsewhere on the planet, we can easily anticipate what awaits us on this side, says the Federal Minister of Health , Jean-Yves Duclos. 

“We see what is happening in Europe. The 40% increase in hospitalizations in one week in France and elsewhere. (…) Influenza cases in New Zealand, which is about five months ahead of us, have never been so high compared to the last thirty or forty years.”

“This what I would like to say is that health care workers across Canada and Quebec are really overworked,” he added. 

“Many have left or are thinking of leaving. Many are wondering how they are going to make up for the backlog in surgeries and diagnoses.”

 “We have to think of them because we are in a very very difficult context. If we want them to continue to take care of us, we have to take care of them. Getting vaccinated is the basis,” said Mr. Duclos.

Canada lags behind other countries in terms of booster doses. 

< p> “We are at 20% in Quebec, it is not normal. The vaccine is free and we are lucky to have a vaccine that works very well. Science has brought us a vaccine. We are not in the Middle Ages,” continued the Minister. 

“We have to get this vaccine to protect ourselves and to protect health care workers,” said- he hammered.

Many more children end up in hospital due to respiratory viruses. More than usual, according to the words of Mr. Duclos who is worried about this situation. 

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