Six million cases of coronavirus, Bolsonaro takes a bath of crowd

More than six million people have been infected by the new coronavirus around the world, with a strong expansion in Brazil, where the president Jair Bolsonaro took a bath of crowd in spite of the health rules advocating separation physical.

With more than a million cases were reported Sunday, according to a report drawn up by AFP from official data, Latin America is the main ground of disease progression. More than half of these cases were reported in Brazil, the fourth country in the world in terms of deaths related to the Covid-19.

According to the brazilian ministry of Health, 29 314 people died there of the disease appeared in China in December, a record that places it behind the United States (103 781 deaths), the Uk (38 376) and Italy (33 340), and before France (28 771) and Spain (27 125).

“There are so many people infected and deaths, also among the indigenous peoples (Amazon), who are particularly vulnerable,” said pope Francis, following his prayer on Sunday, celebrated for the first time in nearly three months in front of the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s square in Rome.

“Youth and sports”

In the Face of the spread of the disease, the call of the president Bolsonaro to a resumption of the championships of football has been badly received, the sports director of the Sao Paulo FC and former idol of the Paris SG, Rai, calling him to resign.

“As footballers are young and sports, the risk of death if they catch the virus is very much reduced”, said Mr. Bolsonaro, openly against the measures of containment in the name of preserving the economy.

The brazilian president then participated in a rally with his supporters in Brasilia, in front of the presidential palace, defying once again the recommendations for health, while keeping this time to touch the hands of the crowd.

In Sao Paulo, clashes broke out between protesters anti-Bolsonaro and the supporters of the president are opposed to the measures of containment.

The United States, whose president Donald Trump displays his closeness with Jair Bolsonaro, were sent to Brazil two million doses of hydroxychloroquine, the use of which to treat the Covid-19 is controversial, announced on Sunday the White House.

Mr. Trump had created the surprise there are ten days in announcing that he was taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure against the sars coronavirus, in defiance of the recommendations of the u.s. health authorities.

The effectiveness against the Covid-19 of this anti-malarial treatment has not, to date, been demonstrated by any rigorous study and several countries have outlawed the use.

Peru has surpassed the Sunday threshold of 160 000 infections and Iran that of 150 000.

Abu Dhabi, the largest component of the united arab Emirates, has decided on Sunday to isolate themselves for a week to combat the pandemic. The authorities have not given any reason for their decision, nor of balance of illness and death.


In Europe, the improvement of the health situation has led to the gradual lifting of the restrictions imposed upon the people to stop the spread of the disease, which claimed an estimated 370 000 deaths in the world.

New stage of d├ęconfinement in Italy: the leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the most famous symbols of its tourist attractions, has reopened to the public on Saturday.

In France, the population was able to reconnect with its parks and gardens after more than two months of closure.

In Spain, the clubs of the football championship will Monday resume collective training, “total”, the last step before the restart of the competition on 11 June.

The Spanish head of government Pedro Sanchez, however, has announced on Sunday a “final extension” until June 21, the state of alert, which allows you to restrict the movement of people.

But this process is not without criticism. In the Uk, the government’s decision to move Monday to the next phase of the d├ęconfinement has been denounced by numerous experts and members of the opposition, who consider it “premature”.

In Jerusalem, the Esplanade of the Mosques, the third holiest site in islam, has re-opened Sunday after more than two months of closure.

India has also announced Saturday an easing of the containment in spite of a new record daily for contamination. The asian giant is keen to restart its economy almost to a stop since the end of march.

Starting on June 8, religious buildings, hotels, restaurants and malls may reopen, with the exception of the regions where the number of infections is still high.

Recovery Plan in Thailand

In Bangladesh, the containment has also been lifted despite the announcement on Sunday that a record number of dead (40), and cases of contamination (2 545) in 24 hours, and millions of people have gone back to work in cities densely populated.

The economic damage caused by the pandemic have pushed Chile and Peru and to apply for lines of credit to the international monetary Fund for a total of almost $ 35 billion.

The gross domestic product of Italy fell by 5.3% in the first quarter compared to the previous one, same as that of France, which is entering into recession.

In Thailand, the parliament has approved on Sunday a plan to boost of $ 60 billion, the largest injection of funds ever made by the kingdom, of which nearly a third for farmers and workers in the informal sector.

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