Six whiskies on offer at the feast of the Fathers

Six whiskys à offrir à la fête des Pères

You could, of course, go with a good bottle of bordeaux, or give in originality, offering him a wine that is orange, but there is nothing more classic than a good old whisky. It is scottish – the famous scotch – canadian, or elsewhere, it will warm the heart of your dad. Here are six bursts that deserve your attention.

Drink less. Drink better. And happy father’s day!

Marcel Cabelier, Treasure’s Legendary Single Malt Whisky from France

59.25 somoni$ (500 ml) – SAQ Code 13633181 – 44%

A native of the Jura, Marcel Cabelier wanted to mark his mark on the local end of the rearing of his whisky in a cask of vin jaune. It is iodized and fruity with a long dry finish with notes of smoke and vanilla.

Bearface 7 Year Old Triple Oak Canadian Whisky

$ 40.00 per – SAQ Code 13888707 – 40%

If you like notes of oak toast, vanilla, cinnamon, and corn, you will be served by this whisky is distilled in British Columbia and offered at an affordable price.

Aberfeldy 12 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

54,75$ – SAQ Code 12206461 – 40%

A scotch single malt that came to us from the Highlands, Scotland. The archetype of the whisky’s full-bodied and seductive with notes of nuts, melon and honey.

Distillery, The Boiler house, Sugar Shack

49,50$ – SAQ Code 14348163 – 40%

Produced from grains of Quebec from local agriculture/bio, this young whisky is developed in the spirit of “moonshine”. Velvety and slightly spicy, easy to drink easily.

The Deveron 12 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

65,00$ – SAQ Code 13863243 – 40%

Whisky distilled in the Highlands, on the edge of Speyside, you have the right here to a single-malt complex. A style that is generous with notes of grain, smoke and grass.

Ardbeg Uigeadail Islay Scotch Single Malt

166$ – SAQ Code 11156318 – 54%

It ends with a madness! Ardbeg is a distillery worship in Scotland. Uigeadail is the name of the source that gives the distillery of Ardbeg his precious water. A blend of casks of 10 and 13 years old plus a few barrels of the 1970s. Style peaty and smoky. Goes on and on. A wonder!

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