Skam France : a season 7 and 8 in preparation ? Discussions are ongoing

Skam France : une saison 7 et 8 en préparation ? Des discussions sont en cours

Skam France : a season 7 and 8 in preparation ?

Arthur, Emma, Lucas, Imane, Alexia, Daphne and the others are back in Skam France season 5 on France tv.slash. If the fans are happy to see the teens, they are going to be thrilled to learn that the series, already renewed for a season 6, it might even continue with a season 7 and 8.

While the original version of Skam stopped after four seasons, the French version, she has inherited a season 5 AND 6. This Friday 10 January 2020 episode 1 of season 5 will be aired in full on France tv.slash to the delight of the fans who were waiting with impatience the return of Skam France. In this new season, they will follow the character of Arthur (Robin Migne), the friend of Lucas (Axel Auriant), Basil (Paul Scarfoglio) and Yann and the boyfriend of Alexia (Sarvartha Preher), “whose life turns as a result of shock hearing“.

A season 7 and 8 for Skam France ?

It is not yet known which character will be brought into light in the season 6 of Skam France, but one thing is for sure, fans of the series will be waiting for you. And if season 6 was the last one ? “It is season 6 and we’ll see. After that, one of the reasons why we wanted to make these two more seasons, it was also to accompany any of our group of young people up to the Terminal and to the end of high school, “said the director of the fiction digital of France Télévisions, Sened Dhab, to Puremédias. Don’t worry, nothing announces the end of the show in France tv.slash, however.

Even more than the president of France Télévisions, Delphine Ernotte, announced, before the commission of cultural Affairs of the national Assembly, that Skam France could continue with two more seasons : “We are in discussions for the 7 and the 8. It is a real phenomenon of society which is not so perceived by the adults, but that is major in young people around 16 years of age. Skam is a real upheaval in the editorial.” Have to cross fingers !

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