Skam season 5 : how the music of the original soundtrack are they chosen ?

Skam saison 5 : comment les musiques de la bande originale sont-elles choisies ?

Skam France season 5 : how the music of the original soundtrack are they chosen ?

In the series Skam France, including the season 5 starts this Friday 10 January 2020 on France tv.slash, the music is often very fair and stick perfectly to the theme of each season. So, how are they chosen ? At what point are they selected ? The production manager of the show responds.

“The labels send me hundreds of musics”

The soundtrack is often an important element in the films or the series. If sometimes, it does not stick specifically to the images or the story, this is not the case in Skam France. David Hourrègue, the director, and his team always make sure to choose sounds in accord with the theme of the seasons (cyber harassment), religion, homosexuality, self-confidence and invisible disabilities).

It is for that purpose that they are designed “from the start” : “labels send me hundreds of music around these themes. I then moved on days where I walk around listening to them. Those that I have left in the head at the end of a month or two, I do listen to my children and if they are taken out also, I will keep them, “says Benedict Auriol, the director of production of Skam, in an interview granted to 20 minutes.

“It was a train ahead all over the world”

Benedict Auriol then asked that the season 5 of Skam France, centred on Arthur, has been a challenge compared to the others, because it does not exist in the original version : “It is expected at the turn because it is the first to do it. We were the first to adapt, many have followed. We are the first to launch new seasons. It was a train ahead all over the world, it’s a good pressure because you want to tap.” The team has not finished hitting hard since a season 6 will be distributed shortly and Skam France could well inherit a season 7 and 8.

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