Skam : the end of the series planned after season 6 ?

Skam : la fin de la série prévue après la saison 6 ?

Skam : season 6 will she be the last ?

Unlike the original version, which stopped after season 4, Skam France continues with a season 5 and a season 6, but can it go up to a season 7, or even more ? Fans of the series will they have to say soon goodbye to Imane (Assa Sylla), Emma (Philippine Stindel), Daphne (Lula Cotton-Frapier), Lucas (Axel Auriant) and the other characters ? The director of the fiction digital of France Télévisions replied.

A relationship of trust

While the season 5 of Skam has not yet started on France Tv Slash, the French series has already been renewed for a season 6. A very good news for the fans who hoped for not as much as the Norwegian version (the original version) ended after season 4. The adventures of high school students will still continue for some time, but for what reason France Télévisions has decided to continue with the show ?

Banijay and the director have managed to install a true relationship of trust with Julie Andem, the creator of ‘Skam’, its producers and the NRK. It has always played the game with them, unlike other adaptations. The discussions to reach this season 5 have been long but we got through it, “explains the director of the fiction digital of France Télévisions, Sened Dhab, to Puremédias.

Soon the end of Skam ? “It is difficult to answer”

In the season 5 of Skam France, we will learn more about the character of Arthur (Robin Migne) and there will be a question of “powerlessness in the face of the toxicity of adult and invisible disabilities“. And in season 6, which student will be put in before ? The mystery remains, for the time being.

The question intrigues are obviously fans, but they are also wondering if the series will be renewed for a season 7 : “It is difficult to answer. It takes so much to have the blessing of Julie Andem and the NRK. We have not yet considered, or even began to talk about it. For the moment, it is incredibly premature. It is the season 6 and we’ll see. After that, one of the reasons why we wanted to make these two more seasons, it was also to accompany any of our group of young people up to the Terminal and to the end of high school. For the rest, we will ask the question in a timely manner, “says Sened Dhab. Of what to expect to prolong the pleasure.

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