Skype learned how to spy on smartphones

Skype users can show on the video screens of their mobile devices on Android and iOS

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Skype научился подглядывать на смартфонах

A new feature for all Skype users will appear later

Microsoft plans to allow Skype to show screens of mobile phones during the calls as it now is implemented on the desktop version. Now the manufacturer has begun testing of a new Skype app for Android and iOS, that include shared access to the screen. Microsoft suggests that users of Skype can use the innovation for the exchange of PowerPoint presentations, view the applications or for online purchases with friends.

To evaluate the new mobile version of Skype, you need to be a member of the beta program Skype Insider – become a member at this location. Now the feature is available only on Android and iOS will add later.

Skype научился подглядывать на смартфонах

The share my screen Skype is in beta test for Android and iOS

When Microsoft is planning to include a new option for all users who use mobile Skype, is unknown. However, given that the new feature for group video chat of the 50 participants had been in beta less than a month, there are chances that this will happen very soon.

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We will remind that earlier unnoticed Skype spying on users Android. Skype also recently received a “ton” of improvements from Microsoft.

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Skype научился подглядывать на смартфонах

Skype научился подглядывать на смартфонах

Skype научился подглядывать на смартфонах


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