Slap on a soft place: the Cords will “bury” the Leningrad together with the new mistress

Шлепок по мягкому месту: Шнуров "похоронит" Ленинград вместе с новой любовницей

Farewell tour “Leningrad” starts June 4, 2019 with a concert in Kaliningrad. Within 4 months the band will tour 9 cities of Russia and plans to build stadiums around half a million spectators. May 13, the actor has officially announced the dissolution of the “Leningrad” and spoke about the details farewell tour groups.

“The group “Leningrad” has made everything that could, has received all possible awards. Seek nowhere. This tour we put a big fat point. Group is Russian, so about any global recognition. And here we did everything – said Cords.

Last year Shnurov married 27-year-old Olga Abramova. For young wife need eyes and the eyes, decided musician, and so plans to take his wife on tour.

On the question of whether to go his young wife to a farewell tour, he without hesitation answered that he would go.

“Well, girls, as they say – and do not expect… – wink Cords journalist at a press conference, telling about the details of the tour.

Ex-member grouping Stas Baretsky suspects that the dissolution of the group may be to blame for Olga Abramova, and called his henpecked.

Шлепок по мягкому месту: Шнуров "похоронит" Ленинград вместе с новой любовницей

“I’m not a misogynist. But when a woman appears, everything begins to revolve around her. It always happens, especially when it is strong. So it was with Mathilde. Unfortunately or fortunately, Cords henpecked. It is now fashionable among men to admit that they are henpecked. I resent it. It seems to me that contrary women don’t like that. On the contrary, they throw guys like you. They need a stud male, sometimes the male’s paw. So, slap on the soft spot. Affected Olga, the new wife of Cord. She’s a strong person, educated, with their ambitions,” said Baretsky.

Cord asked not to worry about the well-being of the leader of the “Leningrad” and musicians of group. And the actor added that can earn anything. And from corporate events in life will not give up in any case! But there is no urgency in this.

“I’m not an ordinary Russian pensioner, thank God. Earned her. I have 20 years myself and I promise to do nothing. And still can not get. Maybe it’s time? After all, show business is a young man. I’m 46, I don’t really feel it all,” said Cord.

However, many believe that the so-called ” farewell tour “Leningrad” is nothing more than a marketing ploy musician millionaire.

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