Slaughterhouse in liquidation, reconstruction after a murder, Natural Games launched… the main news in the region

Slaughterhouse in liquidation, reconstruction after a murder, Natural Games launched... the main news in the region

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l’essentiel de l’actualité régionale sur

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l’essentiel de l’actualité en région sur

Death of Cindy Paris: the investigation is progressing

#BÉZIERS Cindy Paris, 32, was found dead on the Plateau des Poètes on the night of May 14 to 15, 2022. Last Monday, a reconstruction of the night of the tragedy was carried out at the request of the investigating judge and in the presence of a defendant and the parties' lawyers. The suspect does not admit the facts and "wants to prove his innocence", affirms his defender.

According to sources close to the investigation, wiretapping allegedly implicated a man aged 45 at the time of the incident. Traces of the suspect's DNA were reportedly discovered on objects near the victim. Cindy Paris was found dead next to a bench under the Titan on the Plateau des Poètes.

Three men, including her partner, were taken into custody and released. The partner was cleared of any wrongdoing; they had been together for nine months when the tragedy occurred. Two days before this murder, another woman, Claire, was stabbed to death by her partner. These two deaths had thrown fear into Béziers.

Prestigious guests for the Natural Games

#MILLAU The Natural Games begin this Thursday in Millau. For four days, La Maladrerie will vibrate to the rhythm of bikes on the ramps or paddles hitting the waves of the whitewater stadium, for an upgraded 15th edition.

On the sports side, festival-goers who love outdoor sports will not be disappointed, with the presence of Marius Kitowski, former high-level professional swimmer, serious competitor for the NG 2024 title; NG regular Mailys Piazza, regular resident of the French bouldering teams; the 2023 highline freestyle world vice-champion Taylor St Germain; mountain biker Thomas Genon… On the music side, Bigflo and Oli are expected.

The number of the day: 33

#SAINT-AFFRIQUEThe 33 employees of the slaughterhouse will be dismissed for economic reasons. On Tuesday, the Rodez commercial court recorded the judicial liquidation of SAS Abattoir Sud Aveyron Saint-Affrique, a company which had been in receivership since May 28.

Employees have an appointment on Thursday July 4 for a meeting with the office of Christine Dauverchain, legal representative. The dismissal procedure will be detailed to them.

School drama

#TARN-ET-GARONNE The Sainte-Famille primary school, in Moissac, was the scene of a terrible drama this Tuesday. As reported by our colleagues at La Dépêche, a 6-year-old girl attending first grade suffered a fatal illness during rehearsals for the end-of-year show.

School staff alerted emergency services immediately after the accident. Despite the rapid arrival of firefighters on site, and despite their efforts to perform cardiac massage, the young victim did not survive. After the tragedy, the management of the establishment evacuated the establishment and a medico-psychological emergency unit was set up.

Penalizing work

#MONTPELLIER Traders and local residents are tired of the work to develop the rails of the future line 5 of the tramway, in the Observatoire-Saint-Denis district. The residents also bear the brunt of the operation, particularly at night.

The metropolis explains that night interventions are scheduled for "technical and operational reasons", in particular so as not to interrupt traffic or to carry out rail welding which cannot be achieved with the temperatures of the day.

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