“Slavic Bazaar 2019” has named the winners: Ukraine took the 3rd place

Look how was made by the representative of Ukraine Dmitriy Babak

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"Славянский базар 2019" назвал победителей: Украина заняла 3-е место

“Slavic Bazaar 2019” has named winners

While in Odessa continues the 10th anniversary of the international film festival in Belarus the winners of the “Slavic Bazaar 2019”, held in Vitebsk. Finalist, first place winner was the participant from Kazakhstan Adilkhan makin. Ukraine in the competition took third place.

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In a three-day international festival “Slavic Bazaar 2019” participated 18 countries. Despite the fact that Cuba and Slovakia did not come to Vitebsk for the first time the competition was attended by the representatives of China and Switzerland.

Slavic Bazaar 2019: the winners

  • The winner of “Slavianski Bazaar 2019” became the participant from Kazakhstan Adilkhan makin.
  • Second place was won by the representative of Georgia Giorgi Putkaradze. Prize finalist handed the Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk, which was part of the jury of the “Slavic Bazaar 2019”.
  • The third place was divided between the representative of Ukraine Dmitry Babak and member of Russia Ivan Dyatlov.

Dmitry Babak, finalist of the 5 season of Ukrainian “X-Factor”, all three days were among the leaders of the competition.

See how by Dmitry Babak at “Slavianski Bazaar 2019” in Vitebsk:

Recall that in 2017 the Ukrainian singer Vlad Sytnik won at the festival “Slavic Bazaar”.

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