Slaxx: Cannes film Fantasia

Slaxx: de Cannes à Fantasia

After having taken part in the most recent Marché du film at the prestigious Cannes film Festival, the horror-comedy quebec Slaxx will have its world premiere at Fantasia next month, has learned The Newspaper.

The idea of presenting Slaxx world premiere at the montreal festival flowed from the source to the filmmaker Elza Kephart. It is up to Fantasia that she had unveiled, in 2006, his first feature film, Graveyard Alive.

“The Fantasia audience is really unique… people do not hesitate to react in an excessive way. It is really great to be a witness of it, ” she says in an interview at the Newspaper.

Of course, no projection room is provided for the Fantasia film festival, where the edition 2020 will take place exclusively online. Elza Kephart does not hide not, however, his hope of finding a way of presenting this new project, in person, to film fans in the flesh.

“It is certain that the pleasure is greater when you can meet the people, answer their questions after the screening. But the important thing, in the end, it is that the film can be seen “, ahead of-t-it.

Featuring Romane Denis (Charlotte has a lot of fun) in her first English role, Slaxx follows the daily lives of Libby, a young woman engaged in a clothing store. What looked at first like a dream job turns quickly into a nightmare when his colleagues are killed one by one… by one pair of jeans to designer clothing.

After its passage in Fantasia, Slaxx will travel to various festivals, both in Europe and in the United States. Elza Kephart is also hoped to be able to go out in the hall, in Quebec, in the coming weeks.

Other first

In addition to Slaxx, Fantasia will also feature the world premiere of Yankee, the first feature film from Quebec’s Stephan Beaudoin. Described as a Fight Club of quebec, the director of The blue hour we are back in the world of fighting illegal.

Another new development to watch, the documentary Hail to the Deadites of Steve Villeneuve (Under the Scares). We will follow the fans of the mythical saga of the Evil Dead.

We will also be able to discover the latest new offerings of filmmakers Jeremy Rubier (Sayo), Amelia Moses (Bleed With Me) and Alexandre Prieur-Grenier (2011).

♦ The Fantasia film festival will take place from 20 August to 2 September.

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