“Sleep with me”: losing a 6-year-old child

“Sleep with me: losing a 6 year old


Losing a child is every parent's greatest fear. And the most implacable drama of all those who have experienced it. 

In the new web series “Sleep with me”, Sophie Cadieux and Ted Pluviose play a couple who have difficulty getting up of the accidental death of her 6-year-old granddaughter, Camille. Laurence and Daniel experience this drama in different tones, but their pain is no less painful on either side.

The eight episodes of about ten minutes each take us to the heart of the year that followed this immeasurable drama. The atmosphere is heavy at home. We learn over the episodes what happened and the parents move away from each other, so strong is the sadness, creating an impassable gap.

Laurence continues to feel guilty and is unable to return to work. She even comes to believe that her deceased daughter – we learn the cause of her death later – wants to get in touch with her.

Daniel and Laurence's good friend, Nadia (Elkahna Talbi), do not fail to help him in this distress.

An actor increasingly in demand

Ted Pluviose, who lands more and more roles on the small screen – we saw him in “Bye Bye 2021” and in “Do you hear me?”, and he plays in “Portrait-robot” and “Les red bracelets” and “We” – said in an interview with the QMI Agency that he did not want to think of his own child, now 18, to convey the deep discomfort that his character feels in “Sleep with me”.

“Daniel tries to be the pillar in this situation. He sees his partner sinking, he tries somehow to support her, to be attentive, to keep the energy alive in the couple, but he constantly suppresses his pain, so it is inevitable that it will explode, “said underlined Ted Pluviose, saying he fueled his game by giving the reply to Sophie Cadieux.

“I was lucky that she was there at the audition, already, there, it put me in the best possible state. She is a girl of boundless generosity, there is always a kind of sensitivity in her eyes that came to me so much in audition. Seriously, I'm not sure I would have gotten the part if it wasn't for her, because there was something going on in the way she acted, I just had to get into that universe. I would say that thanks to her I learned my trade in an accelerated way,” mentioned the actor.

In “We” on Club illico

Ted Pluviose is currently playing in Club illico's new series “Nous”, six new episodes of which have just been released on the Videotron platform.

“The character will grow, we will start to grasp things in relation to him,” he said, speaking of Toussaint Pierre, the one who coordinates the management of the “Us” building. /p>

For the actor, who graduated from the National School of Humor (2007), there is no doubt that these years have been the most fruitful of his career.

“It is probably the best years of my professional life. Over time, the roles have been more important, I have been trusted, I have gained confidence, that also makes the difference. In a long-term project like “We”, you have time to settle down, to plot things, to establish a synergy with the other actors and the director, it's really “fun” at the moment, I'm crossing my fingers that it will continue.”


  • Produced by Avanti Groupe, the web series “Sleep with me is written by Mireille Mayrand-Fiset and directed by Charles Grenier. The eight short episodes are already available on TOU.TV.  

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