Slimane transformed : he reveals his loss of weight (16 pounds) in an impressive before-and-after

Slimane métamorphosé : il dévoile sa perte de poids (16 kilos) dans un impressionnant avant-après

Slimane transformed : he reveals his loss of weight (16 pounds) in a montage of photos before and after

This Friday 1st of November 2019, Slimane has sung for Jean-Luc Reichmann in The Song secret. The opportunity to review it before it goes in the sport. Since then, the artist confessed to having lost 16 pounds. A weight loss that it has proudly unveiled in pictures before-and-after on Instagram.

“Me again yesterday on the set of The song secret was for me very difficult”

Slimane, that PRBK had interviewed with Vitaa on their first meeting and the album Versus has managed to lose 16 kilos. This is what the singer explained on Instagram after being seen in The song secret on TF1 this Friday 1st of November 2019. There are interpreted the title Brother to Jean-Luc Reichmann with a lot of emotion. But the winner of The Voice 5 has mostly kept his physical transformation between the recording of the show and today. He even posted a photo-montage showing before and after to be aware of this weight loss impressive.

That is part of the list of nominated at the NRJ Music Awards 2019 wrote in the caption : “Me again yesterday on the set of the song secret was for me very difficult, but I am so happy to have won the battle after several weeks of intensive sport !”. “I am happier than ever thanks in large part to you and for once I dare say thanks to me too ! Pride” has even confessed Slimane, very proud of his pounds less, to its many subscribers.

The stars and the anonymous the praise

Several celebrities have shown their support to the artist in the comments, praise for the weight loss. Mr. Pokora said : “Happy for you bro'”. “Bravo” he said Lââm, Nawell Madani, adding , “and this is only the beginning”. Agustin Galiana and Fabienne Carat, have published émojis for the compliment.

Users anonymous have also validated the metamorphosis of Slimane, stating for example : “Wow congratulations”, “You can be proud of you”, “You proved that you can if you want”, “Never give the result is there” , or “Congratulations, the effort and the sport are rewarded”.

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