Slimming Pugacheva returned to year, when she loved a man: a style icon, photos

Похудевшая Пугачева вернулась в года, когда ее любил Киркоров: просто икона стиля, фото

Alla Pugacheva,

today, 15:25

An unprecedented boom in the Internet has caused the appearance of Alla Pugacheva in telecentre Ostankino in an unusual manner, according to “Dinamo”.

For the filming of the television station Pugacheva chose clothes black, who stressed that she was much thinner. Makeup artists are also brought, her eyes dark color and said lips red. The singer also did my hair, placing the hair waves. Added a new image pendant in white gold and black gloves of the same color.

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Photo new image of 70-year-old Pugacheva posted the actor of theatre “Lenkom” Evgeny Boytsov and signed it: “With a brilliant, elegant and unique Alla Borisovna”.

We remind that recently the daughter Pugacheva Kristina Orbakaite posted a photo of his youngest son of Denis Baisarov.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Pugachev will not sing? Diva all frightened, barely on his feet and breathing.

Another portal Know.ia reported that Pugacheva and Galkin have concealed two more children, meet Harry and Lisa, Alina and Gregory.

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