Slow recovery for cinemas

Lente reprise pour les cinémas

Three weeks after re-opening their doors, the cinemas of Quebec still operate at idle and struggle to attract moviegoers in the cinemas. “At this time, there is a 10 % or 15 % of the turnover that normally at this time of the year,” said the president of Cinemas Guzzo, Vincent Guzzo.

To Mr. Guzzo, the main problem that the cinemas are facing since their reopening can be summarized quite simply : there is a lack of new films to bring back the audiences in theaters. Hollywood has postponed the release of several big blockbusters of the summer because of the pandemic, and the cinemas have to rely on old american films and a few rare new in quebec and French to build their programming.

“It’s going to be difficult to continue like this if we don’t have more film holders to offer by the end of the summer, admitted Monday Vincent Guzzo. It operates at a loss at this time. I’m going to lose more than cash flow during the month of July that I lost during my cinemas were closed in April, may and June. “

Tenet to the rescue !

Vincent Guzzo said, however, convinced of the public to return to the halls as soon as new hollywood productions, will take the poster. The business man put a lot on the release of the animated movie sponge Bob (mid-August), but especially on that of the action thriller Tenet that will land finally on our screens on the 26th of August. “Tenet, it is the film that we been waiting for weeks to start the machine !”, lance Guzzo.

However, the lack of new developments has begun to cause casualties in Quebec. The Cinema 9 in Gatineau, closed its doors Thursday for an indefinite period of time because of the financial losses that it take more since its reopening : “We said : as well to stop the bleeding and wait for the situation to be re-established,” explained the owner of the complex, Didier Farré.

The owner of the Cinema Pine Sainte-Adèle, has announced Monday on Facebook that the uncertainty of the current situation was forced to close its Complex 2 : “We must unfortunately close it (temporarily, we hope), because of the pandemic and delay from our suppliers to give us new films,” said Tom Fermanian deploring also ” using non-existent government “.

Paradoxically, the government Legault announced last week that the maximum number of spectators in the rooms can go from 50 to 250 starting on 3 August.

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