Slow recovery of funeral ceremonies

Lente reprise des cérémonies funéraires

RIMOUSKI – The funeral industry is slowly starting up again its activities after three months of near-complete cessation.

Organize a funeral, however, is much more complex than usual. Finished the handshakes and hugs to the loved ones of the deceased. Condolences are now reserved for immediate family and everything happens at a distance, with corridors of movement.

The number of people is also limited during the funeral ceremonies and the mask is more than recommended. It is always possible to hold a reception after the funeral, but not under the usual formula of a buffet self-service. Lunch boxes individual will be proposed, or a buffet, but with service.

All of these rules will necessarily limit the number of funerals, which will not help the industry to resume a more regular rythm.

Currently, salons are struggling to meet the demand, as it should provide time for the funeral postponed during the crisis COVID-19.

“For the moment, this is a body a day, but soon we will try to increase to two per day. The disinfection process is long between two families,” explains Annick St-Amand, who is the director of burial and funeral director in Rimouski.

At the Coopérative funéraire du Bas-Saint-Laurent where works mrs. St-Amand, we think that we are going to take the delays by the fall. In three months, it is sixty of the funeral which had to be postponed.

In some cases, the ceremony could be postponed for six months, a year even. In fact, more and more families wish to wait until the end of the pandemic to allow for more proximity between the bereaved and their loved ones.

More than 70 000 funerals are celebrated annually on average in Quebec.

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