Slow Windows 10: users angry new update

Patch KB4512941 for Windows 10 makes computers very slow

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Today, 11:35

Тормозит Windows 10: пользователи разгневаны новым обновлением

Microsoft officially acknowledges the problem

Bugfix for the may update of Windows 10 version of 1903, which came out last week, added new problems. Assembly KB4512941 brought useful changes, like fixing Windows errors Sandbox and problems with Visual Basic. However, in the ointment was a huge fly in the ointment – the computers after the updates began to slow down, especially felt by owners of older computers, reports WCCFtech.

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After you install the cumulative accumulation KB4512941 users noticed a strong jump in CPU usage. It seems that the issue is with Cortana and its process SearchUI.exe which reportedly uses 30-40% of the capacity of the chip and 150-200 MB of RAM.

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Microsoft officially acknowledges the problem and is unlikely to issue a fix. Therefore users themselves have begun to do his “salvation.” Already found some workarounds to resolve this problem.

Easier to just remove the update if you don’t need Windows Sandbox. If you have important corrections, you can edit the registry that helps to solve the problem, but the edit should be done on your own risk, as it can lead to other problems.

  1. Press Windows + R on keyboard and type “regedit” to enter registry editor.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSearch.
  3. Find BingSearchEnabled REG_DWORD value and set its value equal to “1”.

Тормозит Windows 10: пользователи разгневаны новым обновлением

It is unknown exactly what happened to Cortana, but it seems that Windows Insiders already reported this problem, but Microsoft ignores criticism.

Microsoft goes on to say that improved quality control, but the last few years suggest otherwise. Users long wary of new patches and recommend not to install them immediately, but to wait for some time while the Corporation does not correct all problems.

Earlier, Windows 10 has captured half the world – the numbers are impressive. Also Microsoft promised that the update will make Windows 10 “- fast”.

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