Small visit to the land of dreams

Small visit to the land of dreams

Each evening, Nathan and his mom are launched on a new magical adventure full of unforeseen circumstances. However, they never know how to prepare for it, as it is in the dream world that their journeys take place, as soon as Nathan closes his eyes. This time, while showing up in front of the Dreamland Tree, Nathan and his mother discover that they are about to visit the fascinating, but somewhat spooky, world of pirates …

Here is a short thrilling, dynamic and funny story, perfect to offer a journey in the imagination to toddlers! This is a very first children’s book for Quebec author, composer, screenwriter and director Anik Jean. Interesting and cute little fact: this charming tale, she created it in collaboration with her son Nathan (the father is Patrick Huard)! Moreover, turning the pages of the album, we come to imagine very well Anik and Nathan who, every evening, climb the ladder that leads to the boy’s bed where he is always preparing to live a great adventure in Dreamland.

Face your fears

Once in the land of pirates – in the dream they are living – Nathan and his mother discover that in order to board the Grand Bateau they will first have to pass the Terrifying Trial of the Sailors … ? Each in turn, the mother and her son will have to face their greatest fear. Will Nathan manage to take his courage in both hands? And what about his mom? It is very interesting and relevant to approach courage from an adult point of view, which makes children realize that no matter how old we are, it is normal to have doubts and fears.

Nathan in the land of pirates is a superb story, ideal to lead, precisely, all the little readers in their next nocturnal adventures. Then, François Thisdale’s illustrations are simply splendid. His attention to detail, to represent Anik and Nathan well, is impressive. There are even tattoos of the mother!


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