Smartphone Oppo ridiculed for Frank design

From the perspective of the Chinese smartphone Oppo was a huge pile of serious engineering problems

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:34

Смартфон Oppo высмеяли за откровенный дизайн

The new Oppo has an unusual screen Waterfall

Smartphone manufacturers are trying to make smartphones personality to users to somehow stand out from the crowd. Sometimes these ideas work, but most fail. Fresh smartphone Oppo just turned out to be the center of attention and scandal at the same time for a bold decision in the design, which was ridiculed.

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The new Oppo has screen Waterfall, it is assumed that the phone could be a continuation of the Oppo Find X. the Idea of the company was to cover the front part as larger area as possible close to the coveted 100%. All thanks to a fully rounded side edges (88 degrees), which rounded the screen, creating an unusual visual effect of the waterfall – looks like it was original.

To achieve maximum coating of the front side had to abandon the selfie camera, dynamics, and physical buttons power and volume. But it is bad. After the publication of pictures in the social network Weibo and Twitter users took up arms against the Oppo, ridiculed their novelty primarily because of its main advantage – Frank screen design.

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The Waterfall display has caused a lot of complaints from the Internet community. Users say that this screen is very fragile and if damaged the repair cost is very expensive. There is a high risk of false taps on the screen. Will be implemented as a volume control if no buttons. In addition, the smartphone will not be able to avoid infinite accidental activation of the screen due to the fact that it has to take hands by the edges.

Смартфон Oppo высмеяли за откровенный дизайн

Screen Waterfall was a very controversial decision

Oppo did not show where is the selfie camera. If the periscope, then the flagship will have problems with waterproof housing – will have to give up, but users now appreciate a hermetic enclosure.

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Chinese manufacturer Oppo has not provided any information on when the Waterfall screen will be used on the smartphone. Users also noted that no one asked from Oppo such an innovation, it is necessary to nobody, and in General is a bad idea. And indeed, Samsung had a whole series of similar devices (Galaxy Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge, and the like), however, the company did not pursue this design because of user complaints about random clicking, the inability to use the smartphone in the pouch and excessive fragility of the structure.

We will remind that earlier it was revealed the Grand deception with a smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro. And recently appeared the first photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 dimensions were impressive.

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