Smartphones OnePlus will get the “magic” to improve a selfie

Technology Nightscape will be further developed and extended even to a selfie camera

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Смартфоны OnePlus получат "магию" для улучшения селфи

Better mode Nightscape will get selfie-camera OnePlus 7 Pro

Cameras smartphones never cease to improve every year. And growing not only as a mobile optics, but also the software algorithms that automatically improve photos. Recently, Samsung has released an update for the old cameras of smartphones Galaxy, improving their photographic capabilities, it is now the turn came to mobile devices OnePlus.

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Model OnePlus 7 Pro already has the technology to “night mode” called Nightscape. But it only supported the basic 48-megapixel camera. The head of the company said that in the near future, users will be able to use this mode with other cameras OnePlus 7 Pro.

Смартфоны OnePlus получат "магию" для улучшения селфи

Smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro

“We are actively working to support Nightscape cameras for the rest of the smartphone appeared in the next update”, — said the product Manager of OnePlus Zack Zhang.

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According to sources from insiders, mode Nightscape will get selfie-camera 7 Pro. A similar mode Night Sight is proven in smartphones Google Pixel, where pictures automatically brightens to an acceptable level and remove the noise.

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