Smile behind the mask

Sourire derrière le masque

To those who oppose the obligation to wear a mask in enclosed public places : you have no consideration for others. Wear a mask to protect the other and I dare to hope that we can do it with a smile.

Since Saturday, the 50 000 Quebecers who have signed the petition against the wearing of masks compulsory, as all others, must cover the mouth and nose to attend places such as the grocery store, movie theatres and restaurants.

The most beautiful smile that you can do to someone in a time of pandemic, it is wearing a mask. Just as when someone smiles at me, when I see a person who has a cover face, she sends me the signal that it has at heart the well-being of the people around him.

If you have not understood the importance that you carry this coverage and you think you might be deprived of their liberty, you should know that this piece of cloth to protect the lives of our fellow citizens.

In need of benevolence

In these uncertain times, we need more than ever to make sense of altruism. With the new regulation, which obliges us to cover the face, we will be private in public a social lubricant that is the smile for the next few months, or even the next few years.

I wish all of us to use our creativity to bear witness to our benevolence. In pandemic, it is necessary.

Say thank you to the clerks, compliment the cashier on her good work, let someone move ahead of us in the queue : these are shares that have the same effect as an expression full of laughter. They have the ability to reduce stress and calm the anxiety collective.

I wear the mask with the smile, because I know that it is necessary to save lives.

If you rechignez to ask this gesture of solidarity, perhaps would you need to go back to this basic value : respect for everyone.

♦ Madeleine Driver-Side is a graduate of the national School of humour. She has won our competition for The novices, aimed to introduce our readers to new columnists opinions.

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