Smiling through tears: her husband Zavorotnyuk went on a radical step for the sake of money to rescue the “beautiful Nani”

Улыбается сквозь слезы: муж Заворотнюк пошел на радикальный шаг ради денег на спасение "прекрасной нани"

today, 22:51

Husband of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk skater Peter Chernyshev returned to the road. He recently performed in lidovou show “Ruslan and Lyudmila”in St. Petersburg, and soon he will give several speeches as part of another show.

As you know, the wife Chernyshov, actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is struggling with a deadly disease. Fans of the actress believed that in such a situation Chernyshov will refuse to work to be beside his wife at such a difficult time. But colleagues Chernyshev said that he actually had no other choice but to come back from a tour, to go again on the ice, long hours at rehearsals.

In the entourage of Peter Chernyshev say that the skater has already agreed on their participation in other ice shows, in particular, he will perform in the Christmas performance of “Sleeping beauty”.

Chernyshev willing to sacrifice the Christmas holidays to earn a few million rubles for the treatment of his wife.

“Of course, all thoughts of Peter now only one, it is unlikely he wants to smile, but he is a great professional. He needs to earn a lot of money to rescue the wife and it is obvious”, – tell colleagues of the skater.

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All this for the sake of earnings, because 100 000 a day for the entire stay Anastasia in the house, and the cost of treatment is much greater.

Friends Chernyshova also said that thanks to the work of the skater began to eat, and there was a period that he was literally forced to do it.

Recall anabaena Zavorotnyuk and her family was supported by the famous figure skaters.

As reported by the portal Znaia the doctor Zavorotnyuk alarmed by the truth about the state of the actress

Also Znayu wrote, a close friend Zavorotnyuk told how cashing in on the name of the actress

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