Snapping up instantly: iPhone 11 exceeded expectations Apple

Apple is able to reach out to customers in 11 new iPhone with a fresh design and prices

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Раскупают мгновенно: iPhone 11 превзошел ожидания Apple

The greatest interest at buyers has caused a new color iPhone 11

September 20, will start global sales of iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. According to the latest data analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who specializiruetsya to Apple, demand for the new smartphones exceeded the expectations of the company, reports 9to5mac.

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Pre-orders for the entire line of iPhone 11 was launched on Friday 13 September. According to insider reports, users are buying the first batch – the demand caused an unprecedented boom. Despite the controversial presentation of the most outstanding design of the iPhone 11, the marketing genius of Apple could a point of interest among consumers.

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Kuo came to the conclusion that the greatest interest of buyers is caused by the new colours of the smartphone: iPhone 11 Pro will come in a dark green case and iPhone 11 — in turquoise and purple. However, at first dark green Pro will be available in limited quantities due to problems with the manufacture of glass.

Also on the demand for new IPhones has influenced a new, more loyal pricing policy of Apple. The starting price of the iPhone 11 were $ 50 lower than last year’s iPhone XR. Additionally, the analyst emphasizes the role of programs like Trade-In that allow you to get a discount in exchange of old smartphone, and even credit.

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The greatest demand for iPhone 11 Pro that is observed in the United States. The largest mobile market of China was more interested in a cheaper iPhone 11. Although experts have predicted the failure of the gadget in Asia.

Recall that the iPhone 11 announced at the presentation on September 10. Also apart from new products, Apple has shown the TOP 5 proposals that remained in the party after the announcement of smartphones.

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Раскупают мгновенно: iPhone 11 превзошел ожидания Apple

Раскупают мгновенно: iPhone 11 превзошел ожидания Apple

Раскупают мгновенно: iPhone 11 превзошел ожидания Apple


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